Running in a winter wonderland

There’s a group of us that for one reason or another are lucky enough to be able to run midweek when it’s quieter and run pretty much anywhere we want. I’m doing a PhD so can fit my studies round my running or is it fit my running round my studies? Anyway, four of us meet today at Ogden Water for a run in the snow. Two of the lad’s, Dave and Terry had driven up from Halifax and couldn’t believe how much snow there was up on the tops. Richard lives in Thornton and I live high up in Queensbury, so we knew what to expect from looking out of our windows.

We had no plan of where to run so Dave said he knew a route and we followed him. We set off up the path towards the Top Within house about Ogden Water but near the bottom we beared left over Halifax golf course. Running through snow is a unique experience and one I enjoy. The snow was ankle deep on the golf course and we made good progress despite this. From the outset we all decided that this run was about enjoying being out and making the most of the experience. Clear blue skies and a layer of white snow as far as the eye could see made this a stunning day to be out on the moors and we stopped several times to take in the views and take photos.

We climbed above Halifax golf club and onto Cold Edge Lane, running back towards Wainstalls before taking a sharp right that took us down to Haigh Cote Dam and Leadbeater Dam stopping to take more photos and admire the stunning views. We carried on to Castle Carr Road and dropped down into Upper Saltonstall making our way along Heys Lane before we climbed back up towards Castle Carr through some woods and past a fast-flowing waterfall. The sun was out and beating down on us as we made good progress up the hill back towards Castle Carr Road and the climb over the moors towards the Stepping Stones.and back to Cold Edge Road. Halfway up the climb we stopped and looked around. It was other worldly seeing mounds of snow with bog inbetween the wind blowing making the snow drift over us added to the feeling of other worldliness.

On Cold Edge Road we ran back towards Top Within house and down Withens New Road to Ogden Water. I found some speed here and flew along the grass verge through the snow down to the stile that takes you into the woods. It felt really good to get some speed up in the snow and even better that I managed to stay on two feet! We ran through the woods and back to the carpark. An awesome 8 ½ miles over hill and moor in stunning snowy conditions. Today was about enjoying being alive and making the most of being out running with great mates on a spectacular day for seeing some of the best scenery that Calderdale has to offer.

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