The wrong transcript

I won’t bore you anymore with the details of my sleeping patterns. Needless to say I woke up around 5am but dropped off again quite soon so had a good nights sleep. Today I knew I had to get back into my Masters. I’d been putting it off for too long now through fear of it I think. Can you get scared and fearful of doing something like a Masters? It doesn’t really make any sense to be scared of it but I was and I’m sure others do too. So after putting it off for a bit longer I finally set up my headset and audio files ready to start transcribing them. And then away I went happily talking away into my microphone and watching my spoken words appear on screen as if by magic. I did this for an hour and a half, transcribing over half an hour of my interview. And then something happened. The word daughter was said in my interview. Strange I thought because that shouldn’t be said but I carried on. And then it was said again and it was then that I realised I was transcribing the wrong interview! Bugger I thought and smiled wryly to myself. No point in getting angry. It was my fault and just one of those things but it did make me smile. My head was beginning to ache now though so I went for a walk to clear it and on my return I made sure I had the right files ready to transcribe the next day!

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