Do you believe…………………….

In the fairies, who live in the trees, playing and frolicking at the end of the woods

In the dwarves and elves, who create mischief and mayhem, when you go walking alone

In the ghosts and spirits, who still roam amongst the living, gone but never forgotten

In your Guardian Angel watching over you, guiding you, as you walk down the path of life

In the feeling you get down your spine, telling you yes or no, right or wrong, do it or don’t

In wizards, warlocks and witches, who cast spells to pass the day, on those who like to play

In the power of the mystics, who create magic, and transform your lives and minds

In dragons and unicorns, Hobbits and Hogwarts, the lands of the Lords and of the Discs

In the power of the universe, pulsing through the rocks and crystals that are our foundations

Sending energy to your very Soul, your very essence of life, your very being that keeps you alive

Do you believe in any of this, well do you…………………………

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