Day Trips or Disappointment- on- Sea?


As a child our family couldn’t afford a car.  My dad had to borrow the works van on summer weekends when it was available. So, we became a family that went on day trips instead of holidays. Mind you, my dad, John, always said he already paid rent 52 weeks of the year so why would he voluntarily pay double one week just so he could sit in a bed and breakfast in Rhyll looking out onto a wall and sharing a toilet with 33 strangers and an unreliable flush mechanism? He was blessed with true northern logic.

Anyway, here is a little story about a much more recent day trip failure and my dear sister, Christine.

Scottish Retail Therapy

My sister Christine loves a spot of retail therapy.  She gets withdrawal symptoms if she is away from shops for more than a day or two. When we go on…

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