A beautiful day for a run over the moors

I went out for another run yesterday with my poles. As usual I had several routes in mind and eventually decided on a run from Wainstalls, over Warley Moor, down into Saltonstall, up onto Midgely Moor, Sheepstones, Crow Hill, back down through Jerusalem Farm and back to my car. I had planned on starting on Cold Edge Road, but my car had other ideas and decided I would start from Wainstalls!

I headed up onto Warley Moor and the poles immediately helped as I pulled myself up onto the moor. Taking a left turn through a gate, I followed a conduit that runs across the moor. My memory told me this was a fairly flat and runnable path but my memory was wrong! I struggled to get going on this path even with the poles, so I slowed things down and concentrated on keeping moving. The problem was though this this played havoc with my right hip and soon it was aching as was my right glute and once they ache that’s it for the day.

Halfway across the top of the moor I stopped and looked around. It was absolutely stunning. The views went on for miles, a heat haze signalling where the sky met the land. It was so peaceful, a perfect moment in time I shared with some sheep who were staring at me whilst I stood in the middle of the moor bathed in warm sunshine. After taking in as much as I could I carried on.

I got to the other end of the trail which brings you out near the entrance to Castle Carr Estate, the poles proving useful getting across some bogs, and headed down the hill towards Saltonstall. The top part of the hill is a nice gentle slope and then after the stile it steepens dramatically and becomes quite technical so either a good technique for descending is needed or as I am finding out poles are very useful for maintaining balance and keeping a good pace to the bottom. I was moving ok but my right hip, glute and now thigh were reducing my range of motion and causing me some discomfort, so my pace wasn’t as fast as I had hoped.

At the bottom, after climbing over another stile, there’s a short road section where I could finally run a bit although not far as soon there is a short but steep bit where again the poles came in handy for dragging myself up the slope and back onto the top where I started to run again to the next gate and a steep, long climb onto Midgely Moor. I made good progress on the climb and soon I was at the gate at the top taking in the stunning views from the other side of the valley. I carried on climbing making my way onto Sheepstones ridge and to the trig at the other end. This is where the poles make a real difference, climbing. Instead of relying on my legs and making my hip worse, I can pull myself up using the poles and, if needed, I can stop for a rest and lean on them, taking the weight off my hip and legs.

From the trig at Sheepstones I ran over to Crow Hill. I could feel my legs beginning to tire but I was happy with how I waws moving. After Crow Hill I followed the Mytholmroyd race route down to the wall corner and decided to be sensible and follow the wall along the edge of the moor instead of dropping down the short but steep descent to the lane below. I’ve been down this descent many times and didn’t feel comfortable going down with the poles.

This trial brought me out just above Dry Carr Lane and it was a steady run down to Jerusalem Farm from here on the road. Or it should have been. For some unknown reason my toes started to rub against the front of my Roclites. I have worn these before and never had any problems so it was a surprise to have them causing me some discomfort, so much that I was reduced to walking when I could have run.

At Jerusalem Farm I headed through the carpark and up a trial at the edge of Wade Wood that leads onto Heys Lane where there is another rough road that leads onto Castle Carr Road and back to my car. The climb was hard work as I was feeling the effects of a tough run so it was a welcome relief to get back to the comfort of my car.

In hindsight the distance of just over 7 miles was too far for me and the climbs were a bit too much too. I enjoyed it as it was more than worth it for the beautiful views but my next run will be shorter and with a bit less elevation.

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