Return of the Black Dog

The black dog is here again

Bounding along and jumping

All over me

Smothering me with his

Thick, black fur

Leaving me unable to breath

Unable to move, unable to live

As I peel back layer after

Layer of dense black fur that

Chokes the life from me

Leaving me tired, confused

Unable to focus or concentrate

Draining every ounce of 

Energy from my being as

My mind matted by long

Strands of clogging black

Fur leaves me unable to think

To function, barely breathing

Only existing in the shell

That is my body

And then the black dog goes

He’s had his fun and it’s

Time for him to leave

And move on to someone

Else that he can smother 

With his long, black fur

And squeeze the life from them

Until they can breath no more


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