Wainwrights Round Part 3

This is Dougie Zinis’s account of his Wainwrights Round

Ennerdale carpark at dawn, I had a 40min nap and a pan off pasta the midges were awake so off we went on the first climb up Grike. Bill,Ed and Toby were on this leg with Bill on Nav. Once up the first climb this leg is good going with a steady climb. I was using my poles well and keeping a good form. The views were good and we were soon on the little scramble up and down Steeple. This is a good leg as some is on the BG route so I can go into auto mode. Eat/Drink/talk repeat. Once at Redpike and looking at Middle fell Bill suggested the direct route up Middle fell instead of going over to Seatallan first and looking at it, it made sense. It’s a steep climb but an enjoyable one and we were soon on the lovely decent down to the Wasdale stop. As I approached the meeting point I expected to see 2 vans but there was only 1, there had been a mix up and the support were enroute. It was the hottest part of the day and I made a decision to try sleep for 20mins instead of going on and hopefully it would cool. I couldn’t sleep for worrying but heard the van pull up and I jumped to action. I ate changed socks and shoes and we were off on another big leg. I had Kim and Andy on this leg, it’s a big one taking in the Scarfel massif and the top end of langdale, but the ground was dry which made the rocks grippy and it was cooler up top. The decent of west wall traverse/lords rake is always good fun it is a magical place straight from a Tolkien book. With its towering cliffs all around you and forever moving scree it is possible my favourite part of the lakes. After lingmell we climbed upto scarfel pike and a chap who was decending politely told me I’m nearly there…Little did he know 🤣

Onward over the slabs at a nice pace and before we know it I’m thinking of Rosset Pike, alot of effort goes in for it, a tricky contouring decent down Hanging knotts and a climb up Bowfell after but the views down Langdale make it all worth while and I like the climb up Bowfell. All the way up and over we chatted and laughed. Kim pointed out the decent from pike o stickle he used on

his 24hr record, a steep scree bed into the valley, I’ll be back to try that decent out at some point I note. The headtorchs came out and we had another fantastic sunset. The hardknott peak seemed to get further away but once we submitted we were met by a light. Josie had come up to meet us.

I had another sleep here 1hr and set off with Josie and Mark on a short leg. I was moving well still but slowing at nighta when my mi d was screaming to go to bed, Josie and Mark kept me eating and drinking and I was soon over the peaks to the impressive stepping stones and onto the van, we were picking up another support here Oli so I ate and moved on all the way up to Dow Crag. It was light again but up at the old man it started spitting so we all layered up and moved carefully along ticking off peaks and taking in the views. I was feeling good and the decent from Wetherlam was fun with us all laughing the way down and then onto the path to Timberthwaite. Here we dressed my feet and ate a good meal again and took off with the 2 Sam’s. This leg is short again but a bit of road and climbs through wood land which was hard going with downed trees. It was great to meet the 2 Sam’s and chat away. My feet were getting sore not from blisters but from impact and I was tired but concentrated on my pace and climbed as strong as I could with out burning my legs out. I kept up the Recovery shakes which went down well and kept snacking. The heat was back and I was glad to be decending Lingmoor and could see the carpark. Here there was a few people waitingand I was greeted with a big slice if cake 🎂. Jo was on the ball and sorting my feet straight away and the next support was getting kit together.

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