The Wainwrights Round by Dougie Zinis

Not sure if the link I posted for this worked so here is the first part of Dougie’s blog on his recent Wainwrights Round


A question I’ve been asked alot of times when speaking about the wainwrights. Why run 340miles? Why drag yourself up 214 peaks? Why put yourself through this? You are mad why?

Well if anyone reading has done a ultra mountain challenge you will have experienced the spirit of the fells, the spirit of the support and the spirit of adventure. What drives me is the realisation that I can do these challenges , I like to push my body and mind tactically and set my limits on sleep and nutrition. I can push my body when I’m tired or hungry to distances I never thought possible. A massive part of a mountain challenge is the people, my support or heros as I think of them. Every day friends coming together for an adventure. On the wainwrights I had around 45 different faces all in the spirit of the sport we love. Some of these friends I had never met before. Sparing there time to carry my kit or navigate for me or help on road support, supply me with kit or recovery shakes while the challenge was on and you all will be my heros and I’d do the same for you.


As you could imagine the logistics are mind boggling, I’m a barber by trade so not use to spreadsheets. After supporting on Tom Hollins summer round and winter attempt, James Gibsons Summer round and John Kelly’s unbelievable record round, I had soaked up as much info as i could. I took in how the logistics were organised and modified to my own needs. After a early attempt at doing a spreadsheet of my own which blew my mind I asked Tory if she would be so kind and plz help me, which she certainly did setting up a schedule which would auto upload so future support can keep an eye on leg times. I already have some fantastic friends who have helped me before but for something so big I needed some new faces and reached out for help. So many new faces got intouch and a plan was hatched. I hired a van to carry kit and for me to have a kip in and I worked out what food and clothing I may need and put it all together. I had quite a big team on road spread-out and Andy had volunteered to drive the van. I planned to have plenty of Mountainfuel recovery shakes as I moved to put everything into my body I needed and eat l alot at road stops and graze on the move. I planned on using my snug Scarpa spin ultras to start and swap into either my Scarpa Spins or Scarpa ribelle as i went along. logistics to me were the hardest part of the challenge but just a hurdle to overcome.

As I have had a mini stroke at 24 I decided to raise money for 2 stroke rehabilitation teams to give me more motivation as I’m in my low spots.

A song which gets me in the zone is ‘lose yourself’ by Eminem with the opening words that sum up Why for me.

If you had 1 shot or 1 opportunity. To seize everything you wanted, In 1 moment, would you capture it or let it slip?

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