Worn out

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog but today seems to be a day to write one. I’m worn out today mentally and physically. I’ve ran but it was hard work and 7 miles felt like 70. People are ignoring me (my ultimate pet hate) whilst claiming they are busy yet they are on Facebook constantly. This isn’t helping me right now. My car has broken down yet again despite spending £265 on it within the last couple of weeks and it looks like it’s the same problem and I’ve no idea when it’ll be fixed. More money down the drain. Loads of little things are adding up and up and wearing me out. Tomorrow will be interesting. The mood I’m in all I want to do is sleep all day and wake up in a different universe. I won’t cause I never do. I might go for a run but we’ll see. Loads to do but zero motivation to even get out of bed at the moment. I know it’ll pass it always does but when you’re in the eye of the storm it doesn’t make it any easier. At least I’m not getting blind drunk and I’m just tired beyond belief.

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