Running with Autism blog 1

A good start to the week

I woke early as I always seem to do, to bright sunshine streaming through my curtains. I got up, had my usual breakfast of fruit and decaf coffee and went to find my gym gear which I haven’t worn for over a year because of lockdown. Once found and on I went to the gym for the first time in ages. I was nervous and apprehensive about going but I needn’t have been. The gym was busy and save for a few people wearing masks everyone was doing their thing and maintaining social distancing. I did a full chest workout, something I struggle to do at home because I haven’t got the benches or weights I need and felt so much better for it. Afterwards I did some arms and core exercises and felt as if I hadn’t been away. It was good to be back in the gym.

I drove to the Crossroads Inn at Wainstalls after and went for a walk round Saltonstall. I did a reverse of my usual route and whilst it was cool and breezy to start off with it soon warmed up and Luddenden Dean looked beautiful with deep green grass, sheep and lambs lying in the sun and the smell of spring in the air. I honestly can’t think if a better way to the start the week. I bumped into an old friend Keith and we had a chat about running and he’s going to come down to my club Calder Valley Fell Runners and give it a go. Keith is 63 now but was a good runner in his day a sub 40 minute 10k man. He’s still pretty active so I’m sure he’ll get back into it quickly.

On the way home I picked up some weights my mate has given me, had some dinner and emailed an autism contact about doing some work for them. It was a good move as they were trying to email me but had forgotten my email. We’ve arranged to meet next week and discuss how we can help each other. I’m looking forward to it.

Despite completing a degree and a Masters I’ve struggled to concentrate and read for longer than half an hour and this has severely impacted on my studies. It eats away at me that I cannot read a book for long and it has affected my mental health detrimentally as I feel like a failure because of it. Today I went to the park and sat at a bench to read some more of Steve Birkenshaw’s excellent book ‘There is no map in Hell’ which details his experience of running all 214 Wainwrights in record breaking time. I read and read and read for 2 hours something I haven’t done for a long time. I all I read around 80 pages which I know isn’t much but for me it’s the best I’ve done for many years and I didn’t have a headache either. I felt really good afterwards and this has given me a massive boost in confidence regarding my reading ability. I’m hoping Tuesday see’s a repeat of this and gives me another boost in my reading ability.

I’ve arranged a run with a friend off Instagram too. I’ve never met here but she seems to be a good runner and is keen to explore the Calder Valley. I’m looking forward to running with someone new and showing them around my favourite part of the world.

I relaxed at night by having some wine and watching the final of Mastermind. A young lad from Glasgow Jonathon Gibson won and I was really pleased for him as he seems a really nice lad. Glasgow student is youngest Mastermind champion at 24 – BBC News

I went to bed feeling happy after a good start to the week.

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