Friday, 25th September,

10:55am. I’m at uni for the first time since February and I’m doing what every student does anything but their work!

I’ve been up since 5:30am. I’ve got used to getting up early now. I never used to get up early but I enjoy it now even with the darker mornings. Between last night and this morning I’ve got a lot more done then I usually would because I’m back in uni. I’ve had to get things done or they won’t get done and treat today like a work day.

This morning I went to the rock as I don’t know when I’ll be there again, maybe Monday, maybe not. Depends on what I have on. Then home, breakfast, leg workout and shower before coming down to uni. I tried to get into uni my usual way but I can’t access it that way so had to walk round. Someone tried to tell me how I use a card to open the door and I told them in no uncertain terms that I know how to open a door with a card. I cannot stand it when people assume I am thick and cannot do basic things. If I can’t do something I will tell them. Do not treat me like an idiot. This only applies to people I don’t know. My friends know I can be stupid especially with directions so it doesn’t bother me if they tell me the basics. They know me well enough and know when and where I need help.

This weekend I am going to write the third chapter of my book and then send it off and hope and pray that someone looks at it and see’s enough in it to want to talk to me more about it and my ideas for it at the very least. I’m not giving up on my dream of being a published author. I have a story to tell, it’s just getting it out into a publishable form that I struggle with but the right people will help me.

And Dave confirmed to me this morning that he is in a relationship with a woman and has been for nearly a year now. Still doesn’t explain why he likes to watch my willy but eases my mind that he might have designs on my bottom!

And the less meat diet seems to be working too. My weight has remained constant at 14st for the last three days which is unusual and I’m sleeping better, feel lighter and my mood is better too. My strength and energy don’t seem to be affected either. Is it all down to eating less meat? I don’t know but there has to be some sort of connection. I’m going to carry on with my new diet over the weekend and see how it goes but so far, so good.

4:27pm. A day first day back at uni. I did some reading, made some notes and downloaded some important journal articles. The library was quiet, me and a few staff but I like it like that. I’m seeing my supervisor in person on Monday so I’m going to type up some notes over the weekend. I’ve some better ideas as to the direction I want my research to go in centred around wellbeing and self-perception. I’ll be in a better position to explain once I’ve gone through my ideas and written them in a more coherent form. My research indirectly benefits my own life story too. I am a sociologist and study people and society. Reading about it helps to get me thinking about my own place in the world, where I’ve from, where I am and where I’m going, in a better way so I’m looking forward to doing some more work on my life story this weekend before I send it out into the big, wide world. I’m not making any plans for this weekend. I can’t go into uni till Monday and with everything being so unpredictable at the moment there’s no point. I’m just going to see what happens and hope it’s a good weekend. I’ve plenty to do so I’m good.

10:30pm. I’ve been to the club and had a good time. Played some of my best dominoes and had a good chat about important social issues, the lack of housing for people on low incomes and other stuff. Yes today has been a good day. I’m off to bed to listen to Simon Armitage.

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