Wednesday, 9th September, Feeling good

8:58am. I had a good nights sleep and woke feeling refreshed. This is a weird experience for me as it doesn’t happen very often and I don’t know how to deal with it, so I’m saying calm and not getting overexcited despite wanting to go high on the moors and run forever. It’s a beautiful, late summers day, blue skies with slow moving clouds. I’ve lots to do, writing my story, doing my literature review, tidying up, helping my neighbour setup their internet. Plenty to do and plenty to think about. It’s a good start to the day, a very different one to the one I’m used to but a welcome change. I hope the rest of the day is as good as the start.

10:37am. I’ve had a look at some publishers and submitting a manuscript. It’s not going to be easy but I have to look at this as a first draft. After that other people will take over and do editing and proofreading so it’s time to get writing and see what I can produce!

12:10pm. I’ve written my first chapter of my new book and it felt good. I’ve sent it to Claire to see what she thinks. I need to go and get my lottery and sort my neighbours internet out now then I must do some uni work!

5:58pm. Been to my neighbours to try and setup their internet but can’t get their TV working through it yet. Will try again tomorrow. Eaten too much and feel fat and bloated, perfect for tomorrow’s CVFR handicap! Done some research on publishers and literary agents. Found a publisher in Hebden Bridge (the one that set Ben Myers on his way) and an agent in Manchester that want the first three chapters rather than a full manuscript. I’ve written one chapter and can have three done in a couple of weeks time so I’m excited by the opportunities that may be out there for me and my writing.

9:14pm. Fat and bloated but hoping some beers will do the trick. It’s been a good day and now for a night of no sleep as it’s the handicap for me tomorrow and I can never sleep before a race.

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