Wednesday, 2nd September, Beyond tired

8:29am. I went to bed late and had a poor nights sleep. I’ve woken up beyond tired, mind and body shattered. I’ve pushed myself hard over the past five days with three high quality runs, going faster than I believed I could for longer and further. I’m pleased with myself for doing this and grateful to Claire for running with me, believing in me, and helping me go beyond my limits. I couldn’t have done it without her, I know what I’m like on my own! Running with Claire payed off last night at CVFR. I felt I ran poorly at first but looking at Strava it was better than I thought. The second part going downhill I absolutely smashed it, my confidence going downhill is soaring. Today though it’s all caught up with me. My left ankle is aching, only a little bit, the rest of my body feels broken and my mind has gone AWOL. I think today is a day of rest and not getting stressed about doing nothing but taking the opportunity to relax and repair my mind and body ready for whatever life has in store for me next.

9:40am. Done some kettlebells and I feel better for doing them. Contacted my supervisor to ask about returning to uni and actually going in. I need some human contact. Stopping in all day is unhealthy for my mind and doing me more harm than good. Wonderwall is the No 1 all time best selling Britpop song. I wonder if someone will be my Wonderwall… Meeting one of my supervisors tomorrow to discuss my work and if I can go back into uni to work. Slowly turning the day around. Feeling better, feeling positive.

2:11pm. I needed to get out of the house so I went over to Ladstone Rock. I haven’t been for a while and the stones felt a bit too much today after the hard running I’ve been doing. Ladstone felt more sensible as Norland Moor is flat compared to Haworth Moor and would be easier on my calves. I drove over going up past Claire’s house as it is a shorter and quicker route. I have been driving to Rippendon to get to the rock! I parked up at the edge of the moor and walked up to the rock.

The moor was relatively empty and a breeze brought a welcome coolness to the day. I tried to remember as much of the route up as I could as I’m not that familiar with the moor and had visions of me getting lost and spending hours looking for my car! The rock was deserted, I was the only one there. I had brought my new wand to energise it and on touching the rock I got goosebumps as if the rock was talking to me. I was surprised by this but it had a calming effect on me too. I got out my wand and touched the rock with it, feeling the energy. I said a prayer and left happy that I had been to the rock.

I managed to get back to my car ok but took the wrong right turn to Sowerby Bridge and ended up near Bolton Brow! My sense of direction and remembering how I got somewhere are non-existent! I eventually got back on the main road and popped into Tesco on the way home for a few bits. At home I’m still waiting to see what time my supervisor wants to talk to me tomorrow but with it being clearing week I understand. Hopefully it’ll be early morning and then I can get some uni work done without having to stop for my meeting. This afternoon is preparation for my meeting and sorting out my old neighbours internet and TV and then some uni work and maybe some reading too.

10:02pm. It’s been a good day. My neighbour didn’t need me after all although her knowledge of emojis is far better than mine and she is 75! Not a surprise really but good fun. I’m hoping for a good nights sleep and an early start tomorrow.

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