August 12th, A good day

3:11pm. It’s been a good day so far. I had a decent nights sleep considering how hot it is and woke headache free for the first time in days which made a pleasant change. Breakfast done I caught up with some emails and jobs around the house. My main PhD supervisor got back to me saying he thought he had replied to my email and would resend it soon. He gave me encouraging signs that my proposal is what they are looking for and will get accepted which has taken a load of my mind for now. I went for a walk round the village to get my lottery and it was so hot but nice to get out. My knee felt a bit stiff after my fall last night but no and injuries and I’ll see how it is tomorrow before I go for a run. I’ve had dinner now and whilst I should be doing some uni work it’s too warm to do anything.

7:02pm. I’ve spent the afternoon in the graveyard, sitting on a bench in the sun reading Boff Whalley’s excellent book Running Wild which charts his progression as a runner and his love of nature and running over moors and fells. Boff is the lead singer of Chumbawhumba who had a massive hit with Tubthumbing in 1997. Boff’s passion for running off road really comes across in this well written book and I spent over 1 ½ hours sat reading it. I read until the sun began to fade and a cool breeze replaced the rays of heat from the sun. it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon totally stress free and at one with the world. I can’t recommend the book enough even though I’ve only read 11 chapters so far.

Home now and a pie for tea before having a hopefully relaxing evening, maybe watching TV, reading a book or going to Tesco’s. So far it has been another good day. I’ve got a bit of a headache but it’s only mild and not stopping me from doing anything. My knee is still stiff so I’ll decide tomorrow if I’m going to risk running on it or going for a walk instead.

8:59pm. Final update for today. Feel like I’m coming down with something, can’t stop sneezing. Too warm so another sleepless night. Off to watch TV and relax in my chair after another good day.

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