July 30th, tired and confused

4:37pm. I had a really bad nights sleep one of the worse for a long probably the consequence of going to bed early. I kept waking through the night but couldn’t get to sleep until it got to around 7am and I fell into a lovely, deep sleep and woke just before 8am feeling refreshed for a change.

Breakfast over with I went down to Sports Direct to see if they had some zero drop shoes there but they had nothing as did TK-Maxx. I decided to go to Asda as I was feeling hungry and I needed something to eat something that was going to give me some energy. I felt so, so tired, the headaches were back and I felt confused too. I wondered round for at least an hour trying to remember what I needed and feeling increasingly confused and tired and feeling that I might lose my balance and fall over at times.

I got some chicken and veg and some vitamin B6 tablets and eventually got back home. I made myself a chicken and veg stir fry and had the tablets and felt better for a few minutes before going back to feeling tired and confused although not as bad as I did in the morning. Today it will be a day of doing nothing but relaxing and hoping I start to feel better and less tired tomorrow.

9:26pm. Headache has got a lot, lot worse and I’m really struggling. Been to Tesco and got some Solpadeine Max and hoping it’ll help if nothing else or I won’t be sleeping tonight.

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