July 21st, meetings, training and stuff

7:10pm on another lovely evening and I’m struggling to stay awake. It’s been ok today. I woke feeling fine although my legs were still aching from yesterday. I had my software training via Skype with a guy who I’m sure is nice enough but I’ve no interest in doing small talk with him or the fact that he’s been up since 5am. Your problem not mine. I couldn’t care less. After I did some jobs around the house and ate a load of rubbish food from the weekend before my second appointment with someone who is going to provide support for me with my studies. She asked a few questions and then buggered off. I then tried to have a Skype meeting with my supervisors but skype wasn’t playing ball so I chatted with my main supervisor. It sounds like we’re at crossed purposes as they seem to think or want me to do a history of autism in a social context which is interesting but pointless as all it proves is I know the history of autism and disability and won’t get me anywhere. I want to do the effects of social policy and aging on autistic individuals and how aging changes their support needs and the effects of this on their life chances which is far more important and far more relevant to a lot of people. I have to do a short research proposal for next week so this is my one and only opportunity to do a PhD I want to do and not one that my two supervisors want to do. I can do it. I then went for a walk and saw a helicopter very close to the ground so close I thought it was going to crash. It turns out there’s been a double stabbing in the village and it was the air ambulance landing. Home and tea and then nothing as I’m too tired to do anything. I’m drinking more water but the headaches are slowly coming back which is worrying. I’ll just have to see how I get on.

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