July 1st, hump day, bad day

9:40am. I didn’t get out for a run. I woke up early as usual thinking about my proposal and realised that if I did run I wouldn’t enjoy it because I’d be thinking about my proposal all the time. I turned over and for once managed to get back to sleep.

I woke around 7am and got up at 7:30am. As soon as I got up the headaches started again. Only mild but there. And the cats as usual just want feeding, constantly feeding and nothing else. They serve no purpose to me at all other than they exist and do nothing but eat and sleep. Two of the most pointless and useless animals I have ever come across.

And so I’m in a bad mood again. I’ll get my proposal done today and email it to my supervisors and then I can go for a long run over the moors tomorrow. Everyone is running together again and no-one asks me. Just being asked would be nice. All I’m good for is feeding two cats who couldn’t care less about me. And doing a PhD.

2:02pm. Done a first draft of my proposal and sent it off to my supervisors. Cats are still trying to take the piss. Still got a headache. Off to get my lottery.

8:49pm. Been to Tesco’s and saw a few people I know and had a good chat. It was nice to have some social interaction with real people rather than just with a computer screen. Talking to a computer screen isn’t the same as talking to a real person. Done some more work on my research on marginalisation, intersectionality and feminism. I’ve sent it off to my supervisors to see what they think. Thought Kevin was going to try and come along on my run tomorrow. I want to ran alone tomorrow. Luckily an early start and a vagueness about the distance put him off. Lulu seems to have learnt about eating but the other one Cheeky just wants feeding constantly and I’m not doing it anymore. He’ll learn like Pavlov’s dog did.

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