June 29th, bad mood Monday

9:39am. In a bad mood. Everybody can do one today.

5:52pm. Couldn’t get going at all this morning. I tried to do some work on my research proposal but technology didn’t want to work with me or for me so I went back to bed for a nap and to relax and get over a bad morning. It worked. I came down feeling refreshed and calmer. I looked at my research proposal again and made some changes and it’s starting to take shape. I’ve some reading to do so I can incorporate some more themes into my proposal and make it tighter and more focused and I should have something to send my supervisors this week.

9:09pm. Been to Tesco’s and for once got cheap lager, £2.25 for 4. Can’t handle the stronger stuff now. My body and mind are past it. Tired but ok. I need to go running tomorrow as I’m getting fat again. Lots to do with my proposal and my blog. Need a lot of sleep as I’m shattered. Ditching some things and giving up on others. Need to concentrate on what I can do and nothing else.

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