May 25th, Contrasts

It’s 9:38am on a bright and sunny Monday morning. I’ve had a good nights sleep and in complete contrast to yesterday I feel calm, relaxed and happy. All of the frustrations and questions of yesterday are gone for now. I know they’ll be back but I’ll be better equipped to deal with them when they are. Today is a day of endless possibilities, anything and everything is possible. There’s so much to do and if one thing doesn’t work out I’ll just move on to the next thing. Today is a good day to be alive.

It’s 8:14pm and I feel so ill. I feel sick and my head is hurting. Everything has slowed down like when I had hypothermia. I’ve had a good afternoon, reading in the park in the sun, watching people playing football, walking their dog and playing with their children. I’ve finished 2 books at last, Benjamin Myers book Under the Rock, about one mans obsession with a large rock that overlooks his house, is superb and A Cat called Bob, a bout a man who is befriended by a stray cat that becomes a star, is such a heart warming story and I’ve read 3 short stories by Dylan Thomas but for some reason I feel so ill, so poorly, so confused. I’m going to bed. I need sleep. A day of contrasts today but sometimes we fit more into a day than we do in a week or it feels like that.

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