you promised

In response to Donal Og by Lady Augusta Gregory

late last night the path spoke your name
illuminated by stars, lit from beyond the
realms of an imagination i can only dream of

you promised to reach up and pluck the moon
from its perch, encase it in diamonds so
pure my soul would reflect in them

you promised to move the shores of the lake
closer together so no bridge would be needed
and we could see each other forever

i went by myself to the top of the mountain
and saw all your promises laid before me in the
vast emptiness of the valleys and rivers below

i pricked my thumb on a rose and my blood
was as black as the mouth of the deepest cave
disappearing down, never to be seen again

you have taken the wind from my breath,
the words from my mind, the thoughts from my lips,
and i fear you having taken my belief in life too

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