Back to uni

Today I did something I haven’t done for a long time and went down to Bradford University to study.

I was very nervous and anxious about going down and to be honest for no concrete reason but when you suffer from anxiety it is very often the case that there is no concrete reason for you feeling anxious but more a collection of small reasons that build up into one big reason which you can’t untangle and which end up overwhelming you and making you more stressed and anxious as you try to untangle them and sort them into something more meaningful you can deal with rather than just a tangled mess of abstract thoughts whizzing about your head.
So today I stopped thinking about going down to uni, packed my laptop in my bag and headed down.
The library was quiet, just how I like it and plenty of spaces available which helped to settle my nerves.
Once I had my laptop setup I was soon into my work and enjoying studying again. I find it difficult to study at home so having an environment where I can study that is close to me is essential and Bradford University fulfils all my requirements.
I made decent progress too. I have a good idea of what Nvivo can do for me and the arguments for and against its use, but the most important thing is I did something and I got out of the house and started to put to rest the unfounded anxiety demons that plague my mind.

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