What Did I Do Today?


What did I do today?

Already I’m struggling to remember

And the day is not yet done

So what did I do?

I woke up

Far too early to get out of bed

So I tossed and turned

Trying desperately to escape back into a comforting dream

Before the reality of living hits me once again

Like a champion boxer hitting a stricken opponent

Again and again and again

But alas this morning it was not to be

And as I laid there staring at a featureless ceiling

Contemplating God, the universe and what lies beneath the sea

I realised that I must get up and face the day

So down the stairs I trundle

To the life below my bedroom

So the computer goes on

And the checking of emails, websites and bus timetables begins

And off we go

Out into a world I know

But as with each new day

It is a step into the unknown

For who knows what the day will bring

And then on the bus I am

A box full of unknown faces, voices, noises

Everybody living their lives separately

But at this moment in time living it together

All brought together for a common purpose

The same destination

I go to my meeting

With others who are different

And different from each other

All together in this underground bunker

And then I go

Back into the light of the day

And buy a ticket that can change my dreams into reality

If only until the numbers are picked anyway

And back home I go again

How life looks different from this side of the bus

Different dreams, different fears, different hopes

Or are they?

And now I’m home once again

I have not done much today

But I have done something at least

And that is what really matters

Or is it

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