Why this runner loves the LDWA…

Excellent blog on the virtues of LDWA events for runners

lizzie running

It may seem a little odd for a keen runner to be extolling the virtues of a walking organisation; however, I feel every long distance runner could benefit from a little bit of the Long Distance Walkers Association (or LDWA) in their life. Although set up as an organisation for walkers, the LDWA welcomes runners at its Challenge Events, which generally range from 20 to 100 miles and take place throughout the UK. These events normally involve following a description of the route to navigate your way through the glorious British countryside, with regular checkpoints (every 5 miles or so) providing the opportunity for rest and refreshments. Here are 10 reasons why I think every runner should give an LDWA event a try:

  1. The Friendly Atmosphere

    LDWA events often operate staggered starts; you simply turn up, get yourself organised and head off once you are ready. There is a strong…

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