On Dreams – 1 of 10

A poem from Nick Steel

Nick Steel


This is the first of a short series of 10 poems celebrating and exploring dreams and the act of dreaming. Dreaming is a curious and mysterious phenomenon which has fascinated me for, well…probably as long as I’ve been aware of having them! So I wanted to celebrate my interest in dreaming, and hopefully get a few other minds ticking at the same time!

Unsolved mysteries are irresistible to the curious mind, and amazingly even the greatest scientific and philosophical minds throughout history could pinpoint why we have dreams or what their purpose could be! Sigmund Freud believed the content of dreams to be “unconscious wish fulfilment”. Carl Jung described dreams as “messages to the dreamer”. Studies in the neurobiology of dreams can tell us that most dreams last 5 to 20 minutes, and are mostly associated with REM (Rapid Eye Movement…not the band),

Studies in the neurobiology of dreams can tell…

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