Donna Williams & Friends – Autism & Personhood First Why Is This Important?

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Over the years I have meet and contacted some amazing people who have certainly given me and other a lot to reflect about be it by ethos, emotive words, creativity and other positive contributions.


Fruit Salad Analogy Copyright D.Williams Fruit Salad Analogy Copyright D.Williams

Donna Williams has always advocate and empowered the diversity of Autism for each person with her Fruit Salad analogy she has also pointed out the importance of the person recognising their personhood and the importance of not defining them by “their condition/disability” – I have me others along the way such as Sydney Edmond, Carly Fleischmann, Peyton Goddard  who give amazing insights into how someone experiences Autism (their own unique profile) but also in their own unique ways advocate their personhood as being something they want to be recognised by – this is so important I think from my own personal experience this has…

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