She dreams……………..

She dreams of distant lands
Filled with trees, with sand and mountains and streams
Far, far away from the concrete jungle she lives in
How she dislikes this place
Building after concrete building
All looking and smelling the same
Interrupted only by slabs of pavement and tarmac roads
The people here do not see each other, hear each other, listen to each other
All of them locked away in the prison of their minds
They speak when they want something, need something
Curtains open and close, lights flicker on and off
The only sign of life in the sameness of this concrete maze
How different it must be, to wake up to open spaces everyday
To wind, rain, snow, sun making a different picture for the eyes, nose and feet
To walk on, look at and smell these different surfaces, different sounds, different smells
Made even more different by the ever changing seasons
It must be something very special indeed
To walk, to see, to smell the earth as it was meant to be enjoyed
Not this manmade sameness
Nothing different here, everything the same
How she wants to roam the land and enjoy the sensations and freedom there
How she dreams about it constantly
But she fears she will never know these feelings, these sensations
Because this concrete maze of sameness that she inhibits
Has no path out of it, no branches to escape
She is here forever, trapped in a never ending puzzle
Going round and round the same streets
Day in, day out, forever
And that is her greatest fear of all

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