I see myself in the screen
Begin to understand, finally
Understand me, who I am and
Why? Why I am the way I am
The outbursts of anger and rage
Crying but not knowing why
Feelings of shame and guilt and
Sorrow for mistakes made
Friends hurt, friends lost
Of why I don’t understand why
I’ve never been able to cope
To understand and comprehend
The range of human emotions
That consume me, overwhelm me
Take over my entire life until
I can’t take anymore
They can’t take anymore
And they leave me forever
With so many questions
Forever unanswered and
I am left to wonder
Why and who and what and where
Get ready to repeat the same
Mistakes again and again and again
But not this time
This time is different
This time I know why and
Knowledge is everything
With knowledge comes
Understanding and with
Understanding comes the
Capacity to change
Change for a better life a
New life, one where I
Can be me, I can be who I am
And avoid the mistakes of
The past and build a
Better, happier future

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