The perfect day

It was the perfect day

The sun was shining high in the sky

We were happy friends

Looking forward to a day out

Of music, beer and fun

We drove to Huddersfield

Lay out our blanket and

Sat down ready for the

Show to begin

You looked beautiful, radiant, happy

The drink flowed, the music started

We sat close to each other

I could feel your body pulsing

Close to mine, exciting me

Pink champagne was drunk

And then it had finished

You bought some more beers

We drank them as we walked

Into town laughing and joking

Holding each others hands

Two people happy with each other

Having fun

Having the perfect day

We ate Chinese in town

And then a taxi

Back to yours

Were we fell into

Each others arms

And made love

Till the sun shone again

We went back to Huddersfield

To get your car

Text each other

Messages of love

And then it all went wrong…

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