it’s a year since we met

so much has happened

so much has changed

we started running together

became friends

shared our secrets and fears

shared intimate details with each other

i was there for you when you needed me most

i held your hands, hugged you

when you cried, when you was

at your most vulnerable

supported you through

your darkest hours as you

lost the love of your life

and continued to be there for you

after he had gone.

but life changes

you changed, did i?

i fell for you and you knew it

and we continued to become

closer and closer

too close in the end

as we found out that day

when we drank beer and

champagne in the sun as

we sat on the grass

listening to the band play

holding hands and showing

our true feelings for each other

laughing and joking as we

walked into town to share

a late night meal together

and then back to yours

where we ended up in bed

together holding and touching

each other till the birds sang

in the morning

our relationship changed that night forever

we played games with each other

which we shouldn’t have done

we said sorry and forgave

each other and now a

year since we met

we don’t talk to each other


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