Running with Autism 3

Aches and pains

I woke around 2am as is usual these days and immediately I was in pain. My back and my legs ached all over from the run last night and it took everything I had to turn over and find a comfortable position I could lie in. this carried on till around 5:30am when I decided I might as well get up and suffer. Walking was painful and difficult, my thighs and hips were burning but I knew I had to keep moving because if they stiffened up it could be much worse.

Breakfast over I decided to drive to Ladstone Rock on Norland Moor one of my favourite spots. It was cold and I wore my hat and gloves but the moor was quiet which I like. As I walked up to Ladstone Rock my legs and back began to ease off and despite the soreness and moving became easier as I walked. I knew what to expect from the run last night but it doesn’t always make it easier. Your mind can begin to tell you not to do things when in fact you should be doing them. It can become a difficult balancing act between what your mind says and what you think you should be doing. Today I overcome what my mind told me and gently pushed myself so I knew how far I could push. The result is I have some small pain in both my Achilles and my right knee so I’m resting until Friday at least maybe Sunday until I can feel the niggles go and I have confidence I can run comfortably. I’ve learnt the hard way when to rest and when it’s ok to run.

After visiting the rock I did some shopping and some housework. Nothing exciting but things that need to be done. Midday I felt really tired so had a nap, the advantage of being a student, and then got back up and did some more jobs around the house. My legs are beginning to feel better but not enough to even think about running. I’m glad the gyms have reopened as it gives me another outlet for exercise which is very important to me.

The rest of the day was quiet and relaxing. Housework and watching TV in the evening. My legs felt better as the day wore on and I’m thinking about doing a short run on Friday to see how they are although I might go to the gym and do a workout instead and save my legs for next week. I’ve entered 2 races as well, Cragg Vale and Blackstone Edge. I can’t wait to get racing again.

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