Sunday, 8th November 2020, Battling the Bottle

11:10am. Its been almost a week a full seven days since I last had an alcoholic drink a can of McEwans. I’m starting to feel the benefits, sleeping better and catching up on sleep that I never thought I would. More energy, less anxiety, thinking better, getting more done and losing weight. I never thought I would do this a week without touching alcohol but I have. I am wondering how much a life of alcohol has cost me, friends, experiences and so much more. Maybe I’ll write about it and see what I can remember because that is the other thing that alcohol has cost me memories. I have memories of drinking but how many memories have I lost forever? I don’t know.

4:07pm. I’m doing well, really well with the no drinking. Although I’ve felt a slight temptation to drink I have resisted. I didn’t resist the crisps and chocolate cookies but I didn’t eat them all at once so it was a sort of half victory. I’ve caught up on my diary at last and I’m starting to feel better mentally, I can feel the changes coming through and the fog lifting. I’m thinking clearer and with more clarity. If I feel like this after a week what will I feel like after a month?

7:49pm. Done a weekend without alcohol the first one in many, many years and I feel so much better for it. I’ve played far too many games this weekend and wasted too much money on one in particular before realising I can get what I want without spending any money. You live and learn. I’ve eating too many quadruple chocolate cookies too and eaten too many packets of crisps but I haven’t eaten them all and have plenty left which is a massive improvement on what I usually do. All in all it’s been a good week without alcohol and I’m seeing so many improvements already so it is worth carrying on being alcohol free and see where it takes me.

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