Monday, 21st September, My Birthday!! (a while ago now)

6:35pm. It’s been a quiet but nice day. I woke around 4am and felt fine, no hangover and no pain in my Achilles. I got up had my usual coffee and fruit and set off over to Ladstone Rock for a birthday walk to it. The morning was perfect, bright sunshine, clear blue skies, no wind and a low lying mist in the valleys. I parked in the car park and headed up to the rock.

The rock felt special today, I could feel the energy coming from it and spent a bit longer with it than I usually do. I took a selection of photos before heading back to my car.

After the rock I went to the chemist to get my medication and then popped to the big Tesco’s to get some bits. Jill text me to say she would go for a walk with me and then an hour later text me to stay she was stuck at work. I’m used to Jill and some others letting me down. I’m more surprised now when they don’t.

 I came home, had something to eat and emailed my university support about how I cannot work at home on my own and I am really struggling mentally being at home all day. After I went to the park to read my book. I couldn’t stay awake reading my book a combination of too much alcohol yesterday and an early start today. I tried to go for a walk but my Achilles was aching now so I went home and went to the other park where I sat in the evening sun, topping up my tan and writing my diary on my phone.

I came home and I now have three meetings about how I am struggling to do my uni work tomorrow and I had something to eat. I’m going to bed early tonight as I want to be up early tomorrow for the equinox at the stones. It’s been a quiet but nice birthday, the rock and the weather have been perfect and I’m looking forward to feeling the energy tomorrow at the stones.

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