Sunday, 6th September, Back down to earth

10:34am. I’m absolutely shattered and the headaches are back. I woke tired, anxious and nervous. I wanted to go for a run but went for a walk instead as my right knee and left ankle are still aching after yesterday and with two races this week I need to be fit and not hobbling about. The walk was nice but didn’t do a right lot for my mood or for my energy levels. I’m so tired today. I knew there would be a comedown from the highs of the past week and I just have to deal with it and carry on. This feeling will pass and I’ll be back to normal soon.

12:47pm. I’ve done some more editing of my life story and it’s proving very effective. I’m, seeing what I have and haven’t written, parts that cross over years and decades, parts I’ve written too many times, others I’ve not even started on. Importantly even now my story is beginning to take shape, to come to life. Giving my story some structure is allowing me to see where it is and hopefully where I want it to go.

8:01pm. Had a good afternoon at the club but so, so tired now. A few games and then bed and hopefully a good nights sleep.

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