August 6th, Return of the headaches

8:14pm. The headaches have been at their worse for a long time today. I’ve made the most of the day, been to Asda, for a walk round the village, tried to do some uni work and had to have a nap but the headaches have been there all day pouring down from the top of my head like water pouring over a ball. It’s been painful, difficult to think and concentrate, difficult to do anything. It drains you taking all your energy until you have nothing left and even sleep is a chore and hard work. I’m still going to say this has been an ok day, better than some others but the headaches have taken this day away from me and I can never get it back. I’m hoping to run tomorrow even if it’s only a short one round Ogden, something is better than nothing and running takes my mind off the headaches and give me back my life even if only for a few hours.

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