August 4th, Autumn is coming

1:01pm. The temperature has dropped, grey has replaced blue in the sky and the earth is crying for humanity. I woke feeling worn out and could feel a cold coming on. I’ve a headache, I’m tried and I have no energy and no desire to do anything other than sleep and hope this virus, bug or whatever it is goes as quickly as it has come. I’ve had to cancel a meeting as I’m just not up to talking to anyone. I’ve downloaded some articles for my PhD but that’s it as far as studying and anything else goes today. I’ve eaten well today and don’t have to go out so that is a positive at least. Today is all about sleep and getting over this virus and hoping it’s not something more serious.

9:26pm. Been back to bed and Tesco’s and that’s it for today. I did play with the cats but nothing else. Too tired and my head too fuzzy to do anything else well anything of any importance apart from breathe and get through the day.

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