strange times

we live in right now
the sun is out while
we sit inside watching
cats sunbathe as if they
own the place. i’ve so
much time on my hands
to do all the things i’ve
put off for years but no
motivation to do any of
them using poor excuses
such as the council tip is
closed as a reason. the
adverts on the tv give the
impression that life is carrying
on as it was before the virus
and nothing has changed yet
when you see the queue of
customers outside at the
supermarket all two metres
apart you know this world is
far away from the one that
is now a fading memory. i
lift weights i haven’t touched
in years, marveling at the
weight i have lost, wondering
how much i’ll put back on when
we go back to normal. the cat
meows wanting feeding yet again
reminding me who is in
charge right now

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