my brief moments as a sportsman

I have never been gifted in a sporting way and at school this was even less so. My mum and dad never had much money so I would play football in my Doc Marten boots and cricket in pumps full of holes. Two games stand out in my memory though. One time I played football at Holme Middle in my Doc Marten boots and I rang rings round everyone and people even passed to me. It just felt so easy and natural that one time. Another I was playing cricket at Tong Comprehensive and normally I swung wildly, missed and was out. This time I hit everything everywhere and in the end the games teacher gave up trying to get me out and called it a day. Again it felt so easy and natural. I’ve never felt like that playing football or cricket since and probably won’t do ever again now. It was almost as if life was saying, look at what you could have been but you never will be.

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