An audio poem by Clare Archibald for baby Loss Awareness Month

Another very moving blog from Wendy Pratt for Baby Loss Awareness Month

Wendy Pratt

There will be just this one and one more post for Baby loss Awareness Month. I wasn’t expecting to find it as difficult as I have and have ended up feeling very bleak and depressed. What it has done is force me to address some of the stuff that perhaps was hanging over me, that I haven’t dealt with yet. Things like the way all the baby things are still haunting my bedroom. Mostly things are packed away and stored on top of wardrobes, under the bed etc. But there are two full drawers in the bedroom which are full of bedding, clothes and baby toys. It is now five and a half years since we lost Matilda. I have been in limbo waiting to see if we would have another baby, but that limbo is keeping me a prisoner in this box of grief and I took the decision…

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