A Poem by Karen Little for Babyloss Awareness Month

A second very moving blog from Wendy Pratt in recognition of Babyloss Awareness Month

Wendy Pratt

Today’s photo was actually taken today while I was up putting gold and cream roses on Matilda’s grave. It’s a view of the cemetery where Matilda is buried. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place that I haven’t quite managed to capture in this photo. From this view, her grave is actually behind me, but I wanted to try and catch the way the trees are a spread of colour at this time of year. I go up there about once every two weeks. I used to go up weekly, I never imagined I would be able to go a week without seeing her. When we first lost her I went every couple of days and when I would drive up the valley, towards home, I would imagine I could see her grave from the other side and I would say to her ‘I love you, you are not forgotten’ because every…

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